Safety Railing Rentals

At Boss Steel, we recognize that not all projects require a permanent solution for your safety needs. Sometimes a short term solution is required for yourwork place safety needs. This is why Boss Steel now offers a rental program for it’s Safety Railing System.

Our Boss Safety Railing system can be customized to fit almost all work place and job site conditions. In the real world, not all projects go as planed, so Boss Steel can arrange to put the cost of your rental towards buying the Boss Safety Railing, if for some reason your project should be prolonged.

Custom sizes are available for those times when a standard size just will not do the job. Boss Steel’s knowledgeable staff will work with you through every step to solve your safety needs.

Please contact us any time at 1-888-301-6403. For further details on Boss Safety Railing systems, please visit our dedicated website at

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